Bright sunshine, flourished plants, relaxed and excited mood – They are all about summer, a popular season to hold wedding ceremonies. You’ve decided on a summer wedding and it’s around the corner. Is everything all ready? Oh, no. The dress of your bridesmaids remains an open question. The bridesmaid dress styles are feminine and elegant, and come in a lovely array of soft shades. These are some of the most heavenly bridesmaid dresses for weddings this summer.


Asymmetrical knee length

Asymmetry is very popular, as are fluid fabrics like chiffon, organza, and charmeuse. If there is one clear trend for bridesmaid dresses for the summer of 2015 it is fresh modernity. These are bridesmaid dresses for the stylish contemporary woman who just happens to be in a wedding party.




Fishtail halter

A fishtail halter in a bright or vibrant color makes the best choice for a summer bridesmaid dress for the bride trying to choose something beach-like and carefree. The halter makes for a carefree dress style that the bride doesn’t have to worry about pulling up while the fishtail accentuates the legs and when paired with a set of heels it compliments the curves of the body as she walks.

Fishtail halter bridesmaid dress2



Ruffles are very romantic, and are a big trend in dresses across the fashion spectrum this season. Bridesmaid dresses with ruffled necklines are available in all of the different necklines, from V-neck to strapless to spaghetti strap to one shoulder. This is a romantic style which would suit almost any wedding. For a daytime wedding, dare to choose a yellow bridesmaid dress with a chiffon ruffle at the neckline. Or select a more subtle color like pale shell pink and give it pizazz with a more dramatically ruffled bodice. The charming nature of ruffled dresses is enhanced by sets of bridesmaid jewelry with a romantic or vintage flavor, such as pearl and crystal pendant and earring sets.

Fishtail halter bridesmaid dress3




Bold patterns and prints

Nothing says summer more than bright colors and bold patterns or prints. Avoid the ordinary and choose something extraordinary with some fun prints or patterns that will liven up your photos.

Fishtail halter bridesmaid dress4