So, you’ve already zeroed in on the most suitable ocean venue to say “I do” to the love of your life. It is a joyful moment you are going to share with your soon-to-be spouse at the most romantic site of your choice. But wait, have you selected the wedding dresses that you may prefer to wear on your special day. However, choosing the right beach wedding dress can be a bit tricky. Here are some ideas:


beach wedding

beach wedding

Lighten up! Beach weddings is in fact one of the simplest weddings to prepare. There’s nothing much to consider, you just have to keep it simple. All it takes is the bride and groom, family and friends, and the beautiful sun’s heat to keep it breezy and fun.


The length of the dress is important. Remember that you’ll be doing a lot of walking on sand, so a dress that is too long will simply drag. Perhaps a mid length or shorter dress with spaghetti straps or strapless would work well. And because you’ll be walking in sand, give some thought to your footwear. Unless you have a carpeted path to walk down, expensive stiletto heels are just not going to cut it. Even with a carpet, the uneven surface of the sand will make it difficult to walk gracefully in heels, so you might want to choose a shoe with a wedge sole, flip flops or just go barefoot.


The beach is all about air and light. So, make sure your dresses are made out of airy and light fabric too! Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be lugging a heavy dress about when you ought to be enjoying yourself by the beach.


Jewelry should adhere to the style of the dress. A halter top dress would appear awkward when paired with a necklace. Try accessorizing with longish earrings instead. A strapless dress works best with chokers and Y-drop necklaces. A low back dress can be accentuated with a lariat necklace dangling in the back. Anything with asymmetric shoulder can be very difficult to wear a necklace with, so this can be skipped altogether. A scoop neckline looks good with almost all necklace types.


Some beach brides even leave out all accessories and jewelry altogether. On a beach wedding, the more natural you look the better. The key is to not overpower the simplicity of the wedding dress or defeat the natural sparkle of the beach wedding location.


In choosing the perfect wedding dress, just keep in mind that you have to consider your body figure and your personal style. Your body type says a lot about what fits you, and your personal style says a lot about what suits you. Always remember, may the wedding be simple or extravagant, the bride should nevertheless be breathtakingly beautiful, and it takes the perfect wedding dress to achieve that!